I know it’s hard… trust me.

It seems every few months the algorithm has shifted and we’re all trying to figure out an app that is constantly evolving and changing. Instagram invites us and challenges us daily to be resilient and adaptable… We’re battling too many messages: be authentic, but not too authentic. Be inspiring, but don’t share the tough stuff. Be perfect, but make it look effortless. Post 3x a day, post 1x a week… it’s so overwhelming!

In the end, it makes us want to send our white flag up and call it quits.
I know it, I see it, and I’m constantly teaching people how to overcome the Instaoverwhelm.

That’s why I’m feeling extra thankful that you’re reading this, because these tools I’m about to share with you just might make #allthethings feel more manageable… and… perhaps, even fun again?

Instagram is a place meant to serve, inspire and connect — not a place to add pressure or create this pursuit of perfection. These apps are meant to help you do those three things with each post so that you can leave your mark on the world in the way only you can!

The code isn’t there for you to crack on your phone; I believe it lies deep within who YOU are. We should do what we can to make the experience FUN and easier and less stressful… So while you dream up ideas, I’ll be here providing you all the tips and tricks to take the Insta-dread out of your life once and for all!

I put together a list of 5 FREE tools I use EVERY DAY to make your life easier! Get your guide below!

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