You have an idea, and want to launch it – it’s either a digital or tangible product, set price point or free.

Now what?

Time to get to work

Prepare yourself, because you are about to do a lot of work and to everyone else it is going to look like it was absurdly easy!

Physical Product

When I launched Blush & Whimsy, I had to decide if I was going to be creating my own products or creating a dropshipping store and sourcing all my products.

I decided to create my own products, formula, designing the product packaging and shipping experience. Building the Shopify store was probably the easiest part of the process. They make it so easy to launch products, sell, and help you figure out marketing if you don’t know how to start!

I do have a couple of dropshipping stores as well now: The Chihuahua Company and Christmas at Hogwarts.

Steps to launch include but are not limited to:

  1. Create brand (logo, colors, tone, messaging)
  2. Buy and reserve all of your assets (url, social media platforms)
  3. Get that trademark filed!
  4. Build website
  5. Take photos of your products
  6. Connect all assets (social + website)
  7. Add product description, details, and information
  8. Decide how your customers will receive your product (if digital, what will their digital experience be like? If physical, what will their unboxing be like?)
  9. Design and execute the customer experience (digital product design, physical product packaging and shipping packaging)
  10. Design and schedule your social media posts
  11. Draft and send press release

Digital Product

I don’t know why people think digital products are so much easier than physical. They take a LOT of time, research, design, and implementation. It’s simpler than sourcing ingredients or manufacturers, but many parts of the digital product rely on other platforms or providers. I’m building out digital products such as freebies, How To videos, webinars, courses, and the process looks like this:

Steps to launch include (but are not limited to):

  1. Create your brand, logo, tone, messaging, colors, etc
  2. Buy and reserve all your assets (url, social media profiles)
  3. Get that trademark!
  4. Design and create the digital product/downloadable PDF
  5. Design and create social posts to promote the blog post + freebie (or product)
  6. Design the website product page, section, or landing page
  7. Create a WordPress or other type of blog (helps explain, promote, and market your products with visibility and SEO)
  8. Decide how your customers will receive your product (if digital, what will their digital experience be like? Is it available in the checkout section? Will they receive it in their email?)
  9. Design digital freebie/product mockups
  10. Create email workflows for automation and engagement (How often will you email? How will you serve them?)
  11. Implement audience segmentation to serve your audiences better with future content

So much work to make it look super easy😂🙈

I’m admittedly a startup junkie. I love creating products, physical or digital, creating the marketing campaign, and then launching them.

What’s your favorite part of launching a new product? What’s the hardest? If you need help, book a session with me and let’s get it to market!

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