Yesterday I discovered that my Harry Potter supplier in the UK has decided to discontinue shipping to the USA.

Thank you COVID

My Christmas at Hogwarts store is now nearly empty, and I have to hunt for suppliers.

“Never build your company on someone else’s platform” is a real concern. There’s always a risk: YouTubers rely on YouTube’s platform and advertising terms, Instagram influencers rely on Instagram’s algorithm, rules and regs, E-commerce stores rely on Shopify’s platform, Dropshippers rely on suppliers.

Some risks leave you more exposed than others.

For Christmas at Hogwarts, it’s a small hurdle because it means I have to back and source/vet suppliers again, re-design my digital ads, put everything on hold until I can fill the store back up again.

Luckily, today I only have some short & sweet projects for clients so I’ll have some time to devote to it.

Accio magical products!

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